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ADVITAC is a boutique taxation and transaction advisory practice. We assist sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies in advisory, tax, accounting and business administration related matters.


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Undoubtedly, ADVITAC proves its consistency in being efficient, trustworthy, punctual, precise, and providing indispensable value-added input on the performance of my business. I highly recommend ADVITAC to each person who is inclined to open a commercial enterprise.

Cristina CargnelliToghma – Artisan Bakes

Working with ADVITAC makes our work easier through their responsiveness, professional approach, and efficiency, which is hard to find nowadays

Carlo Gerada & Valentina RossiCAVA Events & Entertainment

We highly recommend ADVITAC as they are very responsive, available, professional, organised and hands-on. ADVITAC has consistently managed to simply complicated situations.

Dr Clint Tabone & Dr Paul BorgBT Advocates


Advisory | Tax | Accounting | Corporate

Company Formation

Malta’s competitive tax system, extensive Double Taxation Agreement network, and educated English-speaking workforce make it an attractive option for businesses worldwide. Which is why we offer comprehensive company formation services in Malta to help businesses get started on the right foot. Our tailored solutions include:

  • Assisting with the registration of a new company with the Malta Business Registry (MBR)
  • Preparing the necessary documentation, including the memorandum and articles of association
  • Advising on the best corporate structure for your business needs
  • Providing guidance on the legal and regulatory requirements for your company type
  • Facilitating the opening of a corporate bank account
  • Ensuring compliance with all necessary tax and accounting regulations

We are committed to provide our personalised support and expertise at every step of the way,  from the formation of your desired entity, to the intended ongoing business success, positioning your business for growth.

Business Advisory

In today’s rapidly evolving competitive industries, business development is a key requirement to guarantee business growth within the sector that your business operates in. ADVITAC’s business advisory services are focused on identifying and improving gaps within our Clients’ internal controls, in order to then provide you with concrete advice on how to handle these gaps. The advice provided will be targeted to improve your business operational efficiency, improve your cash flow, maximise your profits and to also assist you in applying for grants and schemes made available by the Maltese Government. ADVITAC can also assist and guide you when drafting or updating your business plans, forecasts and projections.

The start-up phase of a business is crucial, as this is the period where the foundations of the business are cemented, and these have a pivotal role in ensuring that the business venture reaches its objectives to be successful. In this phase, tailored and expert advice and assistance are crucial. Having gone through this process ourselves, ADVITAC can assist start-ups in ensuring that the necessary compliance requirements are in place, both from a legal and regulatory aspect. Our service provision also covers bank account opening assistance and guidance.

Tax Advisory

Malta’s attractive fiscal regime has been one of the main reasons that drove certain international Clients to relocate part or all their business to Malta. Navigating through all the tax incentive schemes and understanding the best structure to have in place, can be quite a challenging task. Furthermore, a blanket approach will not provide Clients with the best tax efficiencies. Through our tailored approach, expertise and deep knowledge of the local tax laws and provision, ADVITAC is able to provide advice to both local and international Clients on the most efficient tax opportunities that can be leveraged through tax structuring for effective tax strategies to promote our Clients’ financial well-being.

Our service provision extends also beyond direct taxation. ADVITAC can also help you navigate through the complexities associated with VAT and other indirect taxes. When tailoring our proposed solution to our Clients, we take the time to really understand our Clients’ business, with all its intricacies, to be in a position of capturing VAT and other indirect taxes into the formula when advising Clients on efficient tax practices, such as performing a VAT Healthcheck followed by a VAT opinion. Based on this opinion, we provide Clients with our recommendations on how to update and reorganise their VAT affairs by detecting opportunities of potential VAT savings and optimisation.

Tax Residence Programmes

Malta’s attractive tax programmes mean that, in certain specific cases, individuals can benefit from a fixed tax flat rate of 15%. Several tax residence programmes exist in Malta and these include:

  • The Residence Programme (TRP);
  • Global Residence Programme (GRP);
  • Highly Qualified Persons (HQP);
  • Malta Retirement Programme (MRP);
  • Insurance and Investment Expatriates;
  • Returned Migrants;
  • Repatriation of Individuals established in a field of excellence;
  • Qualifying Employment in Aviation;
  • QEMASOOGIA (Qualifying Employment in Maritime Activities and the Servicing of Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Activities).

By assessing each individual case in detail, ADVITAC can advise you on your own probability of being granted a residence status, before the actual filing of any application. We deem that this is the right thing to do as integrity and transparency are core values that we implement in our business. Once the right residence program is identified, ADVITAC can assist and guide you in meeting the requirements and throughout the application process, which include; document preparation and regular correspondence with the tax authorities on your behalf, whilst keeping you updated and informed on the progress of such application. Once the application will be approved, ADVITAC will ensure that as a tax residence programme holder, you will also remain fully compliant with the relevant regulations of the applicable programme.

Payroll & HR

ADVITAC can provide the full suite of payroll services by setting up and upkeeping your payroll function and payroll requirements. This service provision will include, but is not limited to, the below:

  • PE number registration;
  • Employee registrations and terminations with Jobs Plus;
  • Drafting of the offering letter together with the contract of employment;
  • Preparation of submission of the relevant tax forms – FS3, FS4, FS5 and FS7;
  • Payroll runs according to the frequency as desired by the Client;
  • Preparation of working permits for third-country nationals;
  • Application for Social Security numbers, ID Card/E-residence number/Expatriate number;
  • Ad-hoc assistance such as the preparation and submission of sickness benefit, injury reports, In-Work benefit and other benefits and supplements provided by the Maltese Government.


Corporate administrative obligations

Maltese registered companies have to maintain their administrative obligations that need to be filed with the Malta Business Registry (MBR), such as the Annual Return and the BO confirmation, if applicable, on an annual basis. The MBR also has to be notified of any changes occurring within the corporate entity – this might require certain forms to be filed within a stipulated timeframe. Notification that need to be filed by locally registered companies include, but not limited to the following:

  • change in shareholding;
  • change in registered address;
  • change in auditors;
  • change in company officers;
  • company name reservations and others.

ADVITAC can assist you in ensuring compliance to these administrative obligations. This will ensure that no penalties are incurred due to late submissions.

Company Liquidations

ADVITAC can be appointed as a company liquidator. This role entails the drafting of liquidation accounts (including the scheme of distribution), liaising with the liquidation auditor to finalise the liquidation financial statements, preparation of the relevant corporate forms to be filed with the Malta Business Registry (including the liquidation accounts), reconciliation and submission of all VAT and tax returns, closing of the bank account, VAT de-registration and closure of the liquidated company tax index.

Share Transfers

ADVITAC can guide you through the process from both an Income Tax and Duty on Documents aspect, to ensure that the share transfer is fully compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. All the necessary tax schedules for both the transferor and the transferee will be drafted by ADVITAC, including other ancillary documentation, such as the share transfer agreement and the relevant forms applicable for filing with the Malta Business Registry.

Re-Domiciliation of Companies

A number of conditions must be satisfied for a foreign registered company to be re-domiciled in Malta. ADVITAC can assist you in ensuring that all conditions are satisfied prior to the commencement of the re-domiciliation process. Once the re-domiciliation process initiates, ADVITAC can then prepare all the necessary resolutions and forms applicable to be filed with the Malta authorities, accordingly, including also other necessary registrations required such as VAT and Tax registrations.


Common traits of successful business include solid foundations and defined back-bone pillars – This can only be achieved by ensuring that good accounting practices are in place, as they provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the necessary data to make well-informed and timely decisions. ADVITAC takes pride in delivering bespoke accounting procedures tailor-made to our Clients’ exigencies, irrespective of which sector/industry they operate in.

Reporting could be prepared either on a monthly, quarterly or on a yearly basis and all corporate management accounts, once concluded, are forwarded to third-party auditors with whom ADVITAC has a long-standing business relationship.

Over and above the procedures and bookkeeping services, ADVITACs accounting service provision includes VAT compliance services. This includes the preparation and submission of local VAT returns and/or the One Stop Shop return (OSS), if applicable.

Tax Compliance

Each corporate entity and self-employed individual are required, on an annual-basis, to submit a tax return to the tax authorities, as a self-assessment in declaring their respective profit on which tax will be levied. ADVITAC works closely with Clients to provide them with all the necessary assistance in the preparation and submission of their self-assessment.

Other tax compliance services provided include, but are not limited to, the below:

  • Registration of a Fiscal Unit, including the preparation of the consolidated accounts, preparation and submission of the Fiscal Unit tax return. (Applicable only to corporate entities);
  • Application for corporate tax refunds, which include the submission of the shareholders registration (Applicable only to corporate entities);
  • Application for the DDT10 exemption which extends the tax payment deadline from 9 to 18 months after the financial year-end. (Applicable only to corporate entities);
  • Application for non-resident tax numbers;
  • Tax and VAT registrations for self-employed individuals, partnerships and other legal entities;
  • Submission of TA5 forms for Maltese registered partnerships which elect to have their partnership taxed as non-opaque;
  • Re-activation and de-registration of VAT and PE numbers;
  • Preparation and submission of TA24 form (applicable to rental income);
  • Preparation and submission of TA22 form (applicable to part-time self-employed individuals);
  • Social Security Contributions for self-employed individuals and corporate directors paying Class 2 SSC;
  • Application for Tax Credits such as Micro-invest, Get Qualified, Women returning to work and any other tax credit available, as applicable.

Auditing and Assurance

In the ever-evolving business landscape, financial stability is paramount. At ADVITAC, our Audit and Assurance services ensure your financial records are meticulously examined and compliant with industry standards, all while upholding ethical principles.

Our all-encompassing Audit and Assurance offerings encompass:

  • Thorough scrutiny and validation of financial documentation
  • Rigorous evaluation of internal controls and risk management
  • Identification of process optimization opportunities
  • Assurance of adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Tailored recommendations for improved financial performance

With ADVITAC as your trusted partner, rest assured your financial footing is secure, with ethics at the forefront of our approach. Our experienced professionals will expertly guide you through the audit process, delivering actionable insights to inform your strategic decisions.

How we work

Working in close collaboration with well-established local accounting and audit firms, corporate service providers and legal firms, enables us to operate hand in hand within a well-reputed network of legal, tax, accounting and assurance firms, striving to deliver the most efficient and proficient service, tailor-made to our Clients’ needs.

At ADVITAC, our commitment is a hard-working and professional culture that is entirely driven and focused around our Clients’ business success. Your business deserves all the individualised and tailored attention that can be guaranteed at ADVITAC


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